Transfer Factor Autism

Published: 05th March 2010
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Transfer Factor Autism

Q: What are transfer factors?
A: Transfer factors are not vitamins, minerals, or herbs - substances that add nutrients to the body. Transfer factors are molecules that actually transfer immune knowledge and memory from 1 immune system to another.

Q: When were transfer factors discovered?
A: In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, a New York University immunologist, found that an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract. He concluded that the extract contained a factor capable of transferring the donors immunity information to the recipient and called the substance transfer factor.

In 1998, 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum. The introduction of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic opened the door to a brand new category of immune system support products. 4Lifes commitment to transfer factor research has increasingly raised the standard for present time immune system supplementation.

Q: What research has been done on transfer factors?
A: In the 50 years since Dr. Lawrences pioneering work on transfer factors, an estimated $40 million has been spent researching transfer factors and hundreds of scientific papers have been published documenting their effectiveness.

Recent independent studies report that 4Life Transfer Factor and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formulas boost Natural Killer cell activity a remarkable 283% and 437%* when your body needs it.

Q: How does 4Life Transfer Factor support my immune system?
A: Transfer factors are some of the most unique molecules in your body. They carry vital messages to immune cells all over our body, helping them defend better and more effectively to keep you strong.

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Transfer factors give intelligence to the immune system in 3 very main ways: Recognize. Transfer factors help immune cells identify invading germs and other problems faster. Respond. Transfer factors help speed up the immune systems response to an invader after it has been identified. Remember. Transfer factors aid in remembering the precise structure of every germ your immune system finds, so the next time it comes around, your body remembers exactly what it is, and what to do.

Q: Why does my immune system need support?
A: When your immune system works powerfully, you are able to work and play normally. But when immune system function is softened by not enough sleep, environmental dangers, bad diet, or a high stress life, it cannot do its job. You should care about your immune system, because it cares about you.

Q: How can 4Life Transfer Factor support healthy energy levels?
A: 4Life Transfer Factor supports healthy energy levels by protecting the effectiveness of your immune system. When your immune system is working as it should, you have enough energy to do the things you love. Plus, the more energy you have, the faster your body responds to any new problem it faces.

Q: If I eat healthy foods, why do I need 4Life Transfer Factor?
A: Healthy foods support your body with critical nutrients to help keep it sturdy. Immune cells absolutely need this nutrition, but they also need knowledge. That is what 4Life Transfer Factor does - the education and information to help immune cells know what they should be doing to keep the immune system running at its best performance.

Q: What is Transferceutical' Science?
A: Transferceutical Science involves the research and development of products that educate the immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats. Transferceutical Science and products were pioneered by 4Life Research.

Q: How is 4Life Transfer Factor different from other products?
A: The biggest part to optimal immune system health is balance - boosting when needed and calming down when needed. Almost all immune system products on the market today (vitamins, minerals, and herbs) have one thing in common: They provide temporary nutrition. However, the best long-term solution to an active, balanced immune response is information.

The way that 4Life Transfer Factor works with your bodys immune system is completely unique. It teaches your immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember possible invaders. Seeing past nutrition to information is a profound paradigm shift, and 4Life Transfer Factor is the only product available that leverages this sturdy paradigm.

4Life Transfer Factor products were tested versus other products advertised to increase immune function. 4Lifes products showed an increase in Natural Killer cell activity by up to 437 percent*, a far superior result to other products tested.

*Test results obtained from independent NK cell studies conducted by Dr. Anatoli Vorobiev, head of Immunology, at the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The blind studies tested 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF (the primary ingredient in Tri-Factor Formula) and other immune system products.

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