Ottawa Hills MRI Q and A

Published: 08th December 2009
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Ottawa Hills MRI Q and A

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a non invasive technology that creates very specific images of bones, organs, and body tissue without the need for radiation. Patients are subjected to radio waves in a strong magnetic field, which produces electromagnetic force. This energy is measured and analyzed by a computer, producing both two and three dimensional images. MRI imaging has many uses.

It is an extremely important diagnostic imaging tool that can detect anything from strokes and cancer to vascular and heart disease. Most importantly, with MRI technology physicians are able to avoid unnecessary surgery or other invasive diagnostic procedures.

How long does an MRI usually take?

MRI imaging usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the body part that is being scanned.

Is there discomfort?

MRI imaging requires you to lie on a sliding table after being positioned by the technologist. You'll need to remain still throughout the procedure to ensure accurate results.

What is MRI dye?

Some studies require MRI dye for a contrast to improve the images of some organs and tissues. The contrast, or MRI dye, is administered intravenously prior to your MRI. Side effects are minimal to none for MRI dye.

Ottawa Hills MRI:

What is an open MRI?

An open MRI is a diagnostic imaging machine that is not fully enclosed, thereby an open MRI helps patients avoid a closed-in feeling. Yes, TMI MRI has two open MRI's.

Can I eat or drink beforehand?

Eat or Drink anything you normally would, including prescribed medications.

What should I wear, and bring?

Wear clothes without metal zippers, hooks, etc. We will be happy to provide exam clothing if needed. You will be asked to leave coins, keys, jewelry, hearing aids, hairpins, wallet, credit cards, watches and dentures in your patient locker or with a relative or friend.

When will I get results?

Usually the next day, but Stat (urgent) results are available upon your physician's request.

How will I get the results?

We will give you a complementary film or CD Rom when you leave. We will also fax the results to your physician the next day. You will not need to transport your results to your physicians office.

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