Important factors to look for in a good day care

Published: 02nd September 2009
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Important factors to look for in a good day care

There are many valuable qualities families search for when choosing a preschool or daycare for their child. Among these qualities are often loving interaction, consistency, safety/cleanliness, a quality educational environment, and longevity.

Loving interaction is so important to a child's development. A center where families are greeted favorably make children and parents feel importantand that teachers are glad to engage their child in activity. Constructive reinforcement for reaching personal goals and for good behavior lets the child know that his teacher is proud of him and cares about his success. Loving interaction is displayed throughout the day by smiles, hugs, and kind words from caregivers.

Consistency puts both parents and children at ease because they know what to expect during their child's day. Schedules in classrooms can ensure a well-rounded day of activities and helps them to bethrivingas they move to the next classroom, especially when parallel schedules are kept all through the center. Teachers trained in the individual age-group they work with is advantageous. Teachers are able to meet the academic, physical, and emotional needs of the children in their care. Children need to have primary caregivers for continuity of care if they are underof thirty months. Infants must be held while being bottle fed. A child's day should be filled with constructive interaction and direction from teachers. Parents and kids should be greeted sincerely by staff when arriving and departing.

Cleanliness and Safety is critical to a child's welfare when they are away from home. Centers need to have a schedule for cleaning toys and classrooms to provide a healthy atmosphere for children. This minimizes the spread of sicknesses. Teachers should make sure that their classrooms are free of any dangers to children that could cause any type of harm. This includes playgrounds, where children receive the outside time that they need for development. Classrooms and playgrounds must meet the State standards for health and safety.

A winning preschool education is so important in providing children a solid foundation for beginning elementary school. Centers should give an environment for active learning. Well-rounded programs that include sensory, language, math, science, and history that use a wide variety of materials are most beneficial to kids. The use of a center calendar can assist parents be informed about the curriculum that is being implemented monthly in their child's classroom. Progress reports give parents an update about their child's development.

Teachers qualified to meet state qualifications help make the above possible in the learning environment. Teachers who are taking Continuing Education Units every year are receiving the most up-to-date information in child development.

Longevity of a child care center and preschool proves that it has met or exceeded the expectations of families. A center that has stood the test of time is one that has gave loving interaction, consistency, cleanliness and safety, and a quality education effectively.

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